Guru Paaduka Puja


The presence of an Enlightened Master is pure Cosmic Energy. The Guru Paduka puja is an offering to the sandals of the Guru or Master – symbolically an offering to the feet of the Master.

The space inside our homes is filled with ether – a subtle energy that has the property of getting contaminated by our negative thought patterns. When we air our repeated negative thought patterns like worries, fear, etc., inside our homes, the ether energy gets contaminated and remains inside in this fashion. This is the reason why we feel heavy and frustrated the moment we enter our homes. This is what causes the familiar undesirable atmosphere which grips us the moment we enter our homes.

If the space inside our homes is a pond of water with collected dirt, the presence of the Guru Pada is like the ocean flooding the pond and washing away the collected dirt. It is like the Cosmic Energy flooding the space, ether energy in our homes and cleansing it, thus creating positive energy vibrations in our homes.
The Guru Pada puja is a rare opportunity for those who wish to have the direct Energy of an Enlightened Master in their homes. Many people have had spiritual experiences and have felt Swamiji’s presence intensely during the puja. If you wish to have the Guru Paduka Puja done on your behalf, either at our temple or in your home, please contact us