Sri Vidya Puja & Homa

Sri Vidya Puja & Homa

“Vidya” in Sanskrit means knowledge. “Sri” in Sanskrit means enlightenment. Sri Vidya in Sanskrit together refers to the stream of Vedic Worship based on mother energy which showers true knowledge which in turn helps you achieve the ultimate state or enlightenment. This is one of the most powerful spiritual practices from Vedic tradition.Vedic Rishis mention several times that, only those blessed souls will have the opportunity to perform or even be in the space where Sri Vidya ritual happens!! Mother energy is the overflowing compassion and love. Relating to the existential energy as Mother is the most loving and easiest ways which when done with deep devotions brings tremendous benefits!
Sri Vidya Puja

Sri Vidya Puja is not a ritual. It is a deep meditation. Sri Vidya Puja is the easiest ways to connect to the all pervading existential energy.  

The Sri Vidya puja is performed to completely cleanse the space of the house and to heal those present at the physical and mental planes.

The Sri Vidya puja is performed with the Maha Meru which is a mystical construction representing the Cosmos. It has subtle-energies polarized and embedded in it in the form of letters of the alphabet, each of which represents a chant, the attributed Deity, the carriage or vehicle on which the Deity sits, the herb or tree to which it belongs and the corresponding body part of the human beings which it controls. Therefore the Maha Meru represents the whole Universal Energy and the energy in every animate and inanimate object.

The Maha Meru in turn also represents the human body with 43 major energy centers.

Only when all these 43 energies merge into one, a person becomes enlightened. These 43 subtle energy centers are presided by various forms of mother energy. Sri Vidya Puja is to invoke the presence of these 43 forms of mother energy thereby integrating the fragmented energies to achieve the ultimate eternal bliss!

All problems in our life are a projection of blockage of one of these 43 energy centers. Sri Vidya Puja cleanses these energy centers with Chants of “Bijas” or syllables corresponding to each energy center. The chants in turn invoke the intelligence in the individual and cleanse these subtle energy centers and integrating them

It is capable of removing any cause of disharmony in any part of the human body, environment and family life, if its potency is properly utilized. The Maha Meru transmits the Divine Energy, wherever it is installed properly sanctified. Sanctifying it and deriving its benefit is the purpose of the Sri Vidya puja.

Sri Vidya encompasses comprehensive 9 transforming stages which are named as Avaranaas.

The word “Aavarana” in Sanskrit means screen. By transcending the nice screens or the Avaranaas, one attains the immense benefits of the Puja.

(1)     Trilokya Mohana Chakra – This Aavarana bestows tremendous fame, charisma with intelligence

(2)     Sarvaashaa Paripooraka Chakra – This Aavarana fulfills all desires!

(3)     Sarva Samkshobhana Chakra – This Aavarana dispels all fears!

(4)     Sarva Soubhaagya Daayaka Chakra – This Aavarana bestows all wealth and prosperity

(5)     Sarvaartha Saadhaka Chakra – This Aavarana helps you accomplish all your goals!

(6)     Sarva Rakshaakara Chakra – This aavarana offers intelligence for ultimate protection

(7)     Sarva Rogahara Chakra – This Aavarana heals everything in the space of the puja!

(8)     SarvaSiddhipradaChakra- This Aavarana bestows tremendous creativity and leadership

(9)     SarvaAnandamaya Chakra – This Chakra brings intense happiness, peace and prospertity!

Sri Vidya being an intense self transforming technique when performed in the presence of a energy field of living Master has a profound impact! The syllables chanted in the Puja become alive and powerful. The Masters Energy field becomes a catalyst for this whole transforming process to happen. When Puja is performed, the worshipper, the worship process and the worshipped should become one or the trinity should become unity. This happens naturally with no effort in the presence of the Master!

The science behind realization of prayers through Vedic worship can be explained with an example – anything kept in front of a projector light, will be seen in the screen. If you keep a slide of a temple scene you will see the temple. If you keep a slide of an actor or actress you will see their age. In same manner, any thought kept in front of concentrated energy, will become a reality.

When Puja performed in the presence of an energy field of an enlightened Master there is intense energy flow which happens. Intense potential energies created by “bijas” or syllables which become alive in Masters Presence, charge the whole space and keeps it reverberating. When you are present in this space and create a thought or wish, your whole body and mind will be tuned to that thought and so naturally it will become a reality in your life.

SriVidya Homa is fire ritual of the above process and an intense spiritual practice which becomes powerful meditation technique when performed with devotion. We invoke the cosmic energy and visualize it in the fire.  Offerings to the deity are offered through the fire.