Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple

A Golden Temple for Lord Shiva, which houses the largest Shiva Linga in the Western Hemisphere. Standing at 8ft in height.  A temple carrying the signature energy and power of the Arunachashwara Temple of Tiruvannamali, India.

Till date it houses, the Largest Shiva Linga and Rajarajeshwari devi in North America!

Arunachaleshwara is one of the pancha bhoota shiva linga(elemental shiva linga), known as the agni linga(fire element) of Shiva.

The Hindu heritage, culture, and community happening in the temple will be an example for Hindus from all over the western world.

This kshetra will proclaim the advent of the Vedic era, coming into the western hemisphere.

Ananda Venkateshwara Temple

Swamiji’s vision is to house Ananda Venkateshwara within a Golden Shrine, that is an exact replica of the sanctum sanctorum of Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara.

Following the Sri Vaishana Agamas set forth by Sri Ramanujacharya, from the daily rituals to the grand brahmotsavams will be conducted.

Swamiji has personally hand finished and energized a magnificent deity of Venkateshwara.

After the prana prashitsha (consecration of divinity) was performed by Swamiji, the deity as Ananda Venkateshwara graces Southern California as it’s largest and most blissful manifestation of Vishnu.
Deity of Kapilamuni:

Ours is the only temple that houses the largest deity of Kapila Muni outside of India. Kapila Muni is said to have lived in the western hemisphere thousands of years ago and the name California is said to have been derived from Kapilaranya after kapila Muni.


Sacred Arts

Deity worship is one of the greatest contributions to the world by Hinduism. The Sacred Arts stores at Los Angeles Adheenam, sells a massive amount of deities, sacred jewelry.  From the largest deities that millions of people worship, to the smallest personal dieites that can be adored by the a small child. Sacred Arts is where you can experience the user friendliness of Hindusim.

Spreading the Hindu Lifestyle

The Agama Shatsras also prescribes a lifestyle that gives tremendous fulfillment. Everything from the way you prepare food, to the way you dress, to the way you conduct your affairs, are all described holding enlightened living as the context. The vessels, the furniture, the utensils are all from traditional chettinad (south Indian).

Weekend Gurukul

Having children grow-up in a environment where their fears and desires are overcome without struggles, is a great blessing. Weekend Gurukul, is and weekly Sunday school, where kids of all ages come and learn about Hindu values, deities, and lifestyle. All of this provides the child the freedom to explore their unlimited possibilities and express many divine powers.

Temple Inauguration

The temple was inaugurated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on Nov 7, 2009 on the auspicious day of Deepavali.  Purely with the blessings and presence of Swamiji, & with a hand full volunteers, the place transformed from ruins to a beautiful temple in a matter of just 15 days.

The Placement of every single stone and item and was personally overseen and done to precision by Swamiji including many miracles happening in the way.

Swamiji personally hand selected every single deity in this temple including Nava Grahas and He personally did the prana prathista and installed them during the auspicious day of Deepavali in Nov 2007. It was on a Deepvali day few years back Swamiji gave His Blessings of “Anandamaga Irungal” for the first time in Thiruvannamalai

Miracle of Ananda Nataraja’s Entrance

Sri Ananda Nataraja is 82 inches tall and is taller than any of the entrance doors of the temple. When His murthy was being brought to the location, the volunteers noticed he was taller than any of the entrance doors and it was impossible to bring Him inside the temple. When the volunteers told this to Swamiji. Swamiji just simply asked the volunteer to push the door frame up!. Puzzled by Swamiji’s words, he thought, how can the door frame move up, the sincere volunteer did so. To his surprise, when he just pushed the door frame, the deity of Nataraja royally slid into the temple!